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Nelson's Dangerous Dive by Ellie Jackson

This is a true story about the problems of pollution in our ocean. Not about plastic bags but the fishing nets which are left in the ocean when a trawler sinks. This is the story of a whale that got stuck in one of those nets, the brave men and women who freed him and the clean up effort to ensure no other sea creatures were harmed from those nets.

We have made 6 activities for this book aimed at lower primary aged children from Years 1 to 4. These are a spot the odd one out activity where children identify the items which do not below in the underwater picture, a sort fact from fiction activity on whales such as the fact that while they are the largest animal in the sea they eat the smallest fish, a cut and paste activity to label a whale, a step by step guide on how to draw a whale, a comprehension about whales and step by step instructions to make an origami whale.

This book is featured in our Under The Sea craft box which is a perfect present for any child aged 3 to 7 who loves everything about the ocean and sea animals.  Use the link in the header to see all of our craft boxes or click here.

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